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About the Krishna tradition in Manipur

Manipur: A Land of Krishna Conscious Culture

 from Back to Godhead, November-December 1995   Indian Airlines -- from Calcutta via Guwahati -- has brought us to Imphal. We're a delegation of Krishna devotees from America, India, France, Italy, Iran, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. Hazy grey sky, mountains off in the distance to your left. The air is cool (Calcutta was blazing). We're up on a plateau, at twenty-five hundred feet. On the far side of the barbed wire that marks the parking lot from the airfield, an Army guard, turbaned Sikh, looks on patiently, rifle in hand. A drought is on. This is mid March, … [Read more...]

How Manipur Became a Krishna Conscious State

 from Back to Godhead, November-December 1995   The Vedic scriptures tell us that Manipur was a Krishna conscious land even more than five thousand years ago. But for the last several centuries the Manipuris have also worshiped various regional semi-historical deities, who hold a place in Manipuri culture even today. In modern times, worship of Vishnu first gained prominence in Manipur in the fifteenth century, during the reign of King Kyamba. It is said that the Pong king Khekhombha of the Shan kingdom gave Kyamba a Vishnu chakra (the symbolic disc of Vishnu). The presence of … [Read more...]