Ring! Ring! Hare Krishna!

Shabda Hari Dasa, a Krishna devotee working in the Persian Gulf, is professionally employed making ringtones for mobile phones. In his off hours he also makes ringtones to remind one of Krishna.

He has sent me some, and I’m posting them here. He says they should work for most phones. You can transfer them to your phone, he says, by data cable, bluetooth, or infrared.

Now here are the tones:

PC users, you can click on a tone to play it or right click to get the option to download it. Mac users–well, I suppose you know what to do.

If you have any further ringtones you’d like to suggest he produce, you can get in touch with him here. (You need to be a registered user on this site.)


  1. Bhakti-lata says

    This is not a comment, but a question. I am new to the world of downloading ringtones and I’d like some enlightenment in thant regard.

    How do I get the ringtone to my phone? When I right click, I only see the option of opening the file, saving it, bookmarking it….nothing about downloading, what to speak of using it as a ringtone for my personal phone. Can you help me with that, please?

    Your servant,
    Bhakti-lata dd

    • jswami says

      I don’t have a phone, but here’s what I’m told you do:

      1. Download the file.
      2. Transfer it to your phone by Bluetooth, by infrared, or by cable.
      3. Put it in your “Ringtones” folder (or whichever folder your phone uses for ringtones).
      4. Tell your phone to use it.

      Precisely how to do this will vary according to which phone you use.

      I hope this helps.